Enduro Crossover Gloves

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GLOVE FEATURES:-Blister Prevention for tough riding, breathable -durable Amara -gel padding -silicon
grip -knuckle protection -great flexibility
STANDARD SIZES:-, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2XL,3XL
COLORS:-Black, Dark Blue, Red, Orange, Neon Green,Neon Yellow, Meckwear Brown Limited
SAFETY:-Daynatic Kevlar knuckle protection-Amara palm -inner index/thumb gel padded protectionalong
with over the finger Rexen
MATERIALS USED:-Amara -breathable mesh -silicon -gel padding -neoprene
CARE:-hand wash -line dry -do not put in laundry machine or dryer. Note if Velcro touches nylon mesh
degrading of mesh will take place.
OVERVIEW: Built to protect and ride in extreme conditions. Tough enough to be worn for motorcycles
riding off road, nimble enough for mountain biking, and BMX

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