What is the mission of Meckwear?

Our Mission Statement is “Integrate what you do with what you wear

Our Quality

This is the core of what makes our products worth using.  We are driven to research and refine our products so that they function to the best of their ability. Creating products that enhance your experience as you live your life to the best is our goal.

Our Customers

Meeting people where they are at and the needs that arise in their playgrounds is how we design our products.  Shared life experiences through people connecting with the use of our product makes us smile.

Our Community

When things go right and people come together, friends and strangers, it can be a beautiful thing.  We believe in creating community and our products are a key part of enabling that to happen.

We also believe in respect: respecting ones self, respecting others and respecting the environment.  Our actions in how we create products to how our products are used should reflect this value.

Meckwear would like to also provide you with an option in apparel with a unique
design, style and creativity. Meckwear will continue to innovate the apparel
industry with current and new market materials. Our goal is to integrate
our resources for R&D in conjunction with Team Meckwear to improve our
product’s, feel, look and function for the future.  Meckwear would like to bring
about a new standard in apparel; by allowing customer feedback, our apparel will
be more desirable for each customer.  The goal is to have:
patterns that will stand out, in addition to using superior materials being used,
bold, simple, or subdued in order to not detract from the overall design, but be a
limited production.

How did Meckwear begin?

Meckwear started with a vision of creativity, Mr. B Mecklenburg grew up in
Papua New Guinea with a natural gift for creative ideas and the ability to think
up new products along with re-engineering improvements to products.

The concept for Meckwear was founded in 2005 by Mr. B Mecklenburg, originally in
designing for extreme sport appare.

The designing concepts began with riding gear and will continue to develop into other categories.

What is the progress of Meckwear?

In 2010 the first sampled glove and jacket designs were made along with sample
gloves tested by Triple threat’s BMX team. 2011 is the first year for a sponsored
motorcycle team and sponsorship of two great races in Australia. The Finke
desert race and Willare 4hr Enduro in Australia has allowed product testing of the
new Enduro Crossover Offroad  Glove. This glove has lighter knuckle protection that
is made of dynamic and neoprene around the wrist for comfort. We are working
on having a better ventilated glove, gel padding for palms, and extra amara
padding in the thumb area. A new Gel padding for the thumb area is being tested
thanks to Team Meckwear. Meckwear will be adding casual sport apparel as we grow
as well as to bring out new design concepts and add a tech aspects to what you wil wear.

This gives you diversity on where you wish to wear it and how you wish to.wear it. 2012 was a first for manufacturing our new racing gear ready for 2012 Team Meckwear at the Australian race Finke,  we set up a Pit tent for those who had not seen our product and provided a glove promo.

2013 Team Meckwear had Aidan Chamberlain & Adam Clay who podiumed 3rd place in WA’s tri-series keeping up on the heels of ben grabham.

2014 Team Meckwear started test of the new vented Spinal Gear and Adam Clay with Meckwear placed 4th place in the 7 day Australia Safari enduro race.

2015 Team Meckwear has its first full season youth rider Jye out of WA who placed high in WA.

Closing Remarks

Meckwear’s intent is to have an assortment, for men’s women’s and youth
apparel eventually in a couple catigories.

Meckwear would like to thank those representing our brand
and looks forward to the use of our product in the future sponsored events.
Meckwear would like to thank those directly and indirectly that are involved that have helped and allowed us to be apart of the racing community. The testing of our product will continue to
help provide a durable product that riders can be proud to wear.